Will I receive an order confirmation? 1-2 1-2

Upon successful placement of your order, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement of receipt via e-mail. In case you did not receive the order confirmation, please contact us via the contact form. 1-2 1-2

Is there an order limitation?

No, as a general rule there is no limitation on orders in the Red Bull Shop. However, you cannot order more than 10 pieces of any individual item (10 products of equal color and size) per order.

Are the products I select always deliverable?

Normally, only items that are actually available are shown in our Red Bull Shop. Unavailable sizes you can't purchase. Although our database is updated on an ongoing basis, in exceptional cases, a certain item might be sold out at the time you send your order. However, the availability of the items you selected is automatically verified before the order process is completed and if any item is not available any more, a message will pop up on your screen.

Is it possible that sold out products will be available again at a later time?

Yes, as a general rule, any item that was sold out in a certain size and/or color might be available at a later time. Therefore, you might wish to visit our Red Bull Shop in regular intervals and verify whether the desired item is available or not.

How can I place an order?

You can order 24/7 in the Red Bull Shop. Please understand that we cannot accept orders placed by e-mail, letter, telephone or fax.