Red Bull Spect Goggles Shelter-001

Red Bull Spect Goggles Shelter-001
Introducing Red Bull Spect Eyewear - a brand new eyewear collaboration which delivers optimum performance and maximum style for those who live life to the fullest. Designed to support you all day, every day, in all seasons and on all terrains, Red Bull Spect Eyewear is your perfect teammate.

The Shelter is a strong and comfortable ski goggle, designed to enhance your performance and help you enjoy the adventure.  An anti-fog coating on spherical lenses will help you make the most of the view, while the optimum fit ensures a perfect grip.  Meanwhile, a bold color scheme and big Red Bull logos will ensure you stand out on the slopes, the trail or the mountain.

Material: TPU

  •     Red Bull Spect Eyewear Shelter-001 Goggles in black
  •     Spherical lenses with anti-fog coating
  •     Lens color: Blue Snow
  •     Comfortable strap and optimum grip for perfect fit
  •     Red Bull Spect logo on the strap
  •     Unisex
$ 120.00